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What You Need To Know

Dr JohnsonQuestions. Answers. Information.

You have a choice when selecting your dental care expert.
While our San Clemente dental team trusts you feel confident in selecting Dr. Johnson, here are a few questions you should always ask your dentist coupled with Dr. Johnson's answers.


What You Should Ask When Selecting Your San Clemente Dentist

Is the anesthetic uncomfortable?

Dr. Johnson has been skillfully trained in an innovative technique for giving shots that minimizes pain and maximizes its effects.

Are you competent at placing veneers on patients?

Dr. Johnson's competency with veneers began in dental school as he was in the top of his class at USC Dental School for the most veneers placed. His passion persisted in both private practice and the United States Air Force as providing excellent clinical dentistry and unsurpassed patient care.  Dr. Johnson loves documenting his cases with pictures of his artistry!

Tell me about the lab that fabricates the porcelain?

Dr. Johnson only uses the finest porcelain and works with the top master ceramists in the world. This allows for the most natural, beautiful looking smiles. Many dentists use inferior dental labs because they can decrease their overhead costs. Lesser dental labs are not capable of creating the high quality porcelain restorations you deserve. You can trust Dr. Johnson to create the finest Orange County porcelain veneers available.

How Will I Know If I Will Like My New Smile Design?

Dr. Johnson creates a model of your existing teeth and designs a magnificent new smile out of wax. This beautiful sculpture is used to bond a tooth-like material temporarily to your teeth. Within a few minutes, you will preview your new gorgeous smile all without altering your existing teeth. This will serve as a preview for you and Dr. Johnson to evaluate your new smile before the permanent restorations are placed. Of course, the shape, size, color and function of the teeth can be evaluated and revised if needed. This method is the ONLY predictable way to know what your smile will look like prior to completion. Molds of these designer temporaries will be provided, along with all the relevant photos and video of the face and smile, for his world-renowned ceramist to replicate into the final porcelain units.

***Dr. Johnson designs your new smile based on your skin tone, facial features, lips, eyes, and existing teeth. This specialized consideration prevents the "one-size fits all" appearance of the teeth. ***

What happens if I do not like my temporary veneers and/or permanent veneers?

Dr. Johnson sculpts your temporaries to your satisfaction before the permanent restorations are fabricated. You will also have an opportunity to view your porcelain restorations before they are permanently bonded to your teeth.



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